Concrete/Acid Staining

What is Acid Staining?

If you want to create a completely unique and personalized new look, Acid Staining is a great option.

Acid staining is a process by which a concrete substrate is stained using a selection of various colors which will give the floor a beautiful, aged appearance resembling natural stone or marble. Each application has its own unique variations in texture and color. It is at or near the top of any list of the latest most popular trends in residential or commercial flooring applications. When used in conjunction with creative layouts, stenciling, engraving and scoring, it creates an absolutely fabulous finish which is as structurally strong as the concrete it is etched into. Once sealed using an acrylic or wax based concrete sealer the floor is virtually maintenance free.

Acid staining can be used both indoors and out giving the home or property owner a wide variety of application locations from porch and foyer entrances to lofts to living room floors to back yard decks and on and on. This process allows the homeowner options to create either elegant and luxurious appearing floors inspired by ancient palace facades or to be creative and incorporate unbelievably bright colors into a design which can be inspired by oceanscapes, landscapes or a myriad of other ideas.

Why is Acid Staining the best product for your home or property ?

  • Gives your floor an expensive look at minimal cost
  • Versatile, offers unlimited styles and appearances
  • Durable
  • Requires almost no maintenance
  • Unique look

What is Concrete Sealing?

Just as it implies, concrete sealing is a process by which a concrete or cementitious substrate is sealed. Sealing prevents penetration and intrusion of contaminants into the finish which could stain and/or discolor the finish. When something is spilled, poured or dropped onto a sealed floor, it can be wiped clean very easily and a stain will not remain on the finish.
Sealers are available as either clear or color pigmented (similar to paint) liquid, and for the most part are 100% acrylic. They are also available in water base or solvent base.

Why is Concrete Sealing important for your floor?

  • Prevents staining, mottling and discoloration
  • Adds longevity to life of decorative finish
  • Gives decorative finish "life" and character
  • Quickly renews old, worn appearing finishes
  • Is extremely easy to apply
  • Very inexpensive

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